Arbor Master Services

Tree Pruning

All trees will benefit from good pruning. From fruit trees to mature specimens pruning can remove dead and diseased wood, balance an uneven crown, remove excess end weight from lateral branches, allow access for vehicles and lawnmowers and even lessen the effects of extreme weather.

Tree Removal and Tree Felling

When the time comes to remove a tree we have the expertise to carry out this tricky job wherever the tree may be. Using up to date tree techniques we have the experience and knowledge to safely under take your tree removal job large or small. Talk to us about leaving valuable firewood or mulch on site or if you prefer we will remove all debris and leave your site neat and tidy.

Crown Reductions

A form of pruning which involves shortening the outer most branches of a trees crown. This reduces the overall crown size. Often used to let more light into a property or to retain that precious view, while leaving the tree still looking great. One of our arborists can advise you on whether this form of pruning is suitable for your trees as not all species will respond well to a full crown reduction.

Crown Thinning

Involves removing internal branches from a trees crown while maintaining the same overall form of the tree. Often the branches removed are dead, dying, rubbing, crossing or suppressed. So although the overall effect is to let more light through the crown, thinning is also good for maintaining a healthy tree in future.

Hedge Trimming

A well trimmed hedge can add value to a property. We have the equipment and the experience to trim hedges of all shapes and sizes. Don’t waste your own time hedge trimming. Let our team do it for you. We offer competitive rates for hedge trimming and will leave your property neat and tidy.

Height Reductions

A form of pruning concentrating on removing the highest branches of the tree to allow more light or improve a view beyond. We can usually safely reduce a tree by up to 1/3 its height, whilst still retaining a natural form or shape. Avoid ‘topping’ your trees! Please!!


From large specimens to difficult access planting we can help. We can also advise on species selection, finding the right tree for the right space.

Cable Bracing

Some multi stemmed trees can become weakened over time. We can install a ‘Cobra’ bracing system to support and stabilize the structure.

Tree Reports

Visual Tree Assessments and Risk Assessments. Written reports on the current health and stability of your tree assets.

Stump Grinding

Removes the entire tree stump to below ground level.


We can turn your felled tree into valuable timber using our ‘Alaskan Chainsaw Mill’.

Brush Chipping

Turn your branches into valuable mulch. Our Chippers can recycle branches and trees up to 12 inches in diameter.

Hedge and shrub trimming

Great for garden makeovers!