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Trees often outgrow their surroundings. They can encroach on buildings, views and fencing and landscaping. In these situations, crown reductions can be a useful tool.

Crown reductions are a form of pruning which involves shortening the outermost branches of a tree’s crown. This reduces the overall size of the tree. And while serving the purpose of the reduction, leaves the tree looking aesthetically pleasing and able to maintain good health and vigour.

Crown reductions are often used to allow more light to access buildings, gardens, lawns etc. or to reclaim a view that has gradually disappeared over time through tree growth. We work on many hillside properties where a precious view can be rediscovered by doing a crown reduction or two while still retaining a tree that is healthy and aesthetically pleasing.

The general rule for crown reductions is to take no more than one-third of the foliage away to maintain good health and vigour. However, this does vary according to species, location and soil type.

Our arborists are trained to know where to cut and how much foliage to remove from a tree to maintain good health and still achieve the required result for the tree owner. We use target pruning methods which are recommended as having the least impact on tree health. Our staff can work with you to provide a specification that fulfils your needs but also gives your trees the best opportunity to thrive and look great in future.

Crown Reductions Christchurch - Arbor Master
Crown Reductions Christchurch - Arbor Master
Crown Reductions Christchurch - Arbor Master
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