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Crown thinning a tree involves pruning out branches from inside the crown of a tree. The basic shape, size and form remain the same, but the crown becomes lighter, brighter and safer by removal of internal branches.

Crown Thinning Christchurch - Arbor Master
Crown Thinning Christchurch - Arbor Master

A tree can be thinned by a certain amount depending on the required result. Our expert arborists are trained to know which branches can be removed from the crown to achieve the required results. Typically branches that are removed during thinning will be either dead or rubbing, crossing or suppressed. By removing them we keep the tree healthy and safe and create more light to your garden, pool, lawns, landscaping etc.

As with crown reductions and lifting, our arborists will use up to date target pruning techniques to ensure each pruning cut heals quickly and with the least amount of stress to the tree.

Thinning is typically used to create more light through the canopy of the tree and can be useful where a trees location or species and growth pattern make it unsuitable for a crown reduction.

Large mature trees can often benefit from thinning as it removes deadwood throughout the crown and opens the crown to more light while leaving the general size and shape the same.

Our team can advise whether thinning is the right option for your trees and create a specification to suit.

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