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At Arbor Master Ltd we have many years of experience trimming hedges throughout the Canterbury region.

There are many reasons for trimming hedges whether it’s to maintain that precious view, keep the garden looking tidy and formal, to increase light, to retain privacy or to create a natural property border.

Hedge & Shrub Trimming Christchurch - Arbor Master

Our specialist team of qualified arborists are ready to tackle your hedges from larger rural shelterbelt type hedging to smaller hedges and shrubs in a city garden and everything in-between.

Equipment and knowledge is everything when it comes to hedge trimming and our arborists have plenty of both. We have small lightweight hedge trimmers for smaller jobs and larger extendable hedge trimmers for those hard to reach places. We have petrol-powered hedge trimmers for the larger tougher jobs and battery-powered hedge trimmers with less noise and no emissions for hedge trimming in smaller gardens and residential settings. We also have large ladders and extendable ladders to do the job safely at any height.

At Arbor Master Ltd we have many regular clients who we have done hedge trimming for yearly or sometimes twice yearly to keep the growth of their hedges under control and keep their hedges looking great. Regular trimming also keeps hedges safe and free from encroaching on drives, footpaths and roads etc.

All at competitive rates and with the usual great clean up that our clients expect, and our arborists deliver. 

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