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Wherever trees and humans co-exist there will always be a need for tree pruning and tree services. Trees that are planted with the best intentions often outgrow their location, obscure a valuable view or encroach on buildings and structures. They can also become diseased and dangerous.

Tree Pruning - Arbor Master

Arbor Master Ltd has an experienced team of qualified arborists to complete all your tree pruning needs.

Our arborists specialize in height reductions, tree removal and felling, crown reductions, thinning and lifting, removing deadwood and all forms of hedge trimming and shrub trimming.

We also carry out safety inspections and our arborists can remove dead/diseased wood or lessen weight to keep trees safe and healthy.

If you have trees that have outgrown their location or appear to be diseased or dying our arborists will advise on any tree pruning required to mitigate these issues and keep your trees safe and looking great.

Some tree species are best pruned at a certain time of year and some can be pruned harder than others. Our qualified arborists will take these factors into account and advise a tree pruning regime that will suit your specific needs.

All our tree services and tree pruning work is carried out to best practice guidelines and performed as safely and as efficiently as possible. Leaving your trees looking great and your property tidy and clean.

For all your residential and commercial tree services large or small.

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