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Arbor Master Ltd also do tree reports and arboricultural consultancy. If you are concerned about the health or stability of your mature tree specimen or group of trees we can provide a tree report to suit.

There are several different types of tree reports, from a brief assessment of general health and condition right up to detailed reporting of all the different aspects of tree health and how its location and surroundings may impact on health and stability. There are many pests and diseases that can impact on tree health, a detailed report can help identify these factors and put in place strategies to lessen their impact.

We can also provide tree risk assessment reports. These can highlight any concerns about a tree’s safety and give an assessment of the risk posed to property or people.

We can advise on long term care and maintenance of your tree and provide recommendations for future tree pruning works which will keep your tree safe and structurally sound and as healthy as possible.

Or in some cases, further monitoring and more detailed assessments may be required.

We can also provide assessments on groups of trees on large sites or multiple sites to give a business owner or landowner a detailed report on the health of their tree stocks. We work with schools, kindergartens, hospitals and property managers on a yearly basis or sometimes three-yearly basis to give them all the information they need for future budgeting and health and safety concerns.

This reporting work is starting to pay off for some of our long-term clients with large tree stocks who find there is little remedial work and emergency work annually as their trees have been maintained well in previous years. They are now spending less on tree pruning and emergency tree work throughout the year as our assessments and pruning work have kept their trees safe and in great condition.  Contact us today to find out more about the tree report or tree assessment that may suit your needs.

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