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Take away the winter shadows at your place with a winter make-over


We love trees – of course, we do, we’re Arbor Master – but we know they can get pretty big, and start blocking light out from your home. And in the winter time, we need all the light we can get to lift our spirits.

Our Solution? A Winter tree make-over.
We do tree height reduction, crown thinning, crown lifting (removing some of the lower branches) all to maximise the light coming into your home.

The right trim can help you enjoy a couple more hours of sun in the afternoons, especially in winter while the sun is low in the sky. The Arbor Master team can help you make the most of that winter sun (when it does come out).

Overgrown trees and shrubs growing too close to the wall can also make homes damp, cold and dark. Our team can prune away vegetation from windows and walls for a warmer, healthier property for homeowners or renters.