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Taming those towering trees


Recent hot weather in Canterbury has created great growing conditions for trees and, pardon the pun, they’ve been making hay! Since we came back to work in the New Year, we’ve noticed so much new growth around.

The combination of high temperatures and a bit of rain here and there means ‘boom’ for tree growth. Trees are laden with tonnes of new foliage and/or seasonal fruit, and the limbs themselves actually become heavier with sap.

This is all good until very heavy rain or a blustery nor-west wind comes along. Then those lovely lush trees can become a hazard.

We recommend checking your trees, particularly large, older trees or species that are prone to limb loss (gums, poplars, willows and wattles) for signs of strain.

As the name suggests, Arbor Master are the tree experts – we’re trained to spot overladen branches and hunt out the weak points where large branches meet the trunk.